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Win every argument

How To Win Every Argument For The Rest Of Your Life

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Nothing is more destructive to a leader than his ego. Our ego is never more present that in an argument.

It’s our ego that insists our idea is the best, that we know the answer, that people just need to do what we say and everything will be good.

It’s our ego that makes us say snarky, sarcastic, cruel things to the people we love the most.  

And it’s our ego that makes us get the last word in and do whatever it takes to “win” the argument.

Here’s a secret. You don’t win an argument by being right. You win an argument by being humble and curious. Read More


Indignance is a limited resource (Don’t waste yours)

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Can you believe the Republicans are trying to take away our civil rights?

Can you believe the Democrats are trying to stamp out religion?

Can you believe the UN is trying to govern what we do in the US of A?

Can you believe what THEY are trying to do to us?

I am so sick of these conversations. The people who get the most fired up about politics or current events are the same people who aren’t taking care of their own life. Read More


Why you suck at adapting to change and how to get better at it

Why You Suck At Adapting To Change (And How to Get Better)

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, but the most adaptable.”
~Leon Megginson summarizing Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species.

Your boss, whom you adore, leaves the company and is replaced by someone you don’t know.

Your wife tells you she’s leaving.

You lose your job.

Big changes that shake up our world are a regular, recurring part of life. So why is it so damn hard to respond quickly and move through the change? Read More


How to Go From Manager to Leader

Do Less, Lead More: How To Go From Manager To Leader

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This article is for managers, or people who want to be in management.

When I start coaching a manager, I ask them what a really good manager does. They inevitably tell me that good managers put out fires, answer questions, and remove obstacles that get in their employees way. “WRONG!” I tell them. Great coaching huh? Read More


5 coping mechanisms you learned as a kid that make you a worse adult

5 Coping Mechanisms You Learned As A Kid That Make You A Worse Adult

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The people I love, will leave me.

That was the lesson I learned as a kid growing up through two divorces. I loved my dad, John. He left. I loved my adopted dad, Reid. He left. Now as an adult, I know that it wasn’t that simple. There were a lot of variables. But as an 11 year old, it was exactly that simple. Love was dangerous.

I coped with this by building walls. I learned that if I didn’t get too attached to anybody, I wouldn’t get hurt. So that’s what I did. Read More


Never forget people's names again

How To Become Great At Remembering People’s Names

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I was the worst. Two seconds after meeting somebody for the first time, I forgot their name. They could have been Mark, or Mike, or Mitch, or even Randall…I couldn’t tell you.

This was a problem. Especially for an entrepreneur/sales guy like I was at the time. I needed to connect with people, but greeting them with “hey you” didn’t exactly create connection. Read More


The Blessing Of Difficult People

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I was a college wrestler at Cal Poly, then, I got into MMA. I fought in 99 and 2000 out of SLO Kickboxing with Scott Adams, Chuck Liddell, Gan McGee, and a bunch of other tough dudes.

Back then, we had this saying. “Going into a fight, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” The idea was that no matter how hard we trained and sparred in practice, no matter how well prepared we thought we were, something changed when you stepped into the cage to fight another guy who wanted nothing more than to kick your ass. Read More