My name is Rick Randolph

I am a leadership coach at Forging Leaders.

My path to becoming a leadership coach has been a winding one.  I have been a cop, a manager for a worldwide-shipping and logistics company, a journalist and a business owner. I am a CrossFit Coach, a self-defense instructor and a law-enforcement and military tactical trainer. For a few years I got to write “Professional Fighter” under occupation on my IRS 1040 form.

My primary role is as the head of an organization dedicated to developing grit, curiosity and adventure. Our five-person team, consisting of me, my wife and three kids, runs regular research projects. Results of the research projects are published weekly in Forging Leaders blogs and at

In my off-time I seek out adventure, volunteer as a board member for the Eureka Schools Foundation and am working on my first novel, a piece of narrative non-fiction based on the life of a friend.

I have a degree in journalism and creative writing. In 2015, I completed coursework at The Coaches Training Institute as a part of my development as a coach.

How did all that lead to my becoming a leadership coach? Throughout the course of my life, I have been exposed to both remarkable and horrible leadership and I have seen  the impact of both. What I see in every problem we face as a society, in our organizations and in our families all comes down to a lack of leadership somewhere along the way.

The cool thing though is that, I believe that we have the ability to fix those problems. The vision of Forging Leaders is to change the world through better leadership. While that is a hell of a mandate, let’s start with changing your world.

If you are ready to start changing your world, reach out to me and lets talk.

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