I’m Anthony Biagi, a leadership coach with Forging Leaders.

I am a single-father, entrepreneur, investor, author, former professional poker player, and a living example that you don’t have to live the life others expect of you.

I’ve learned that I get to choose the life I  want, as long as I am willing to do the work.

I started working as a Forging Leaders coach in 2014. I was on a personal journey to become the absolute best version of myself.  I had attending multiple leadership workshops and was struggling to create my vision when I showed up at Jeremiah Miller’s presentation on “The Hero’s Journey.” It was exactly the message I needed.

On that day, I put myself on the path to lose 75 pounds. Now, 9 months later I’m within 5 pounds of the goal.  Once I made the commitment to it, getting fit wasn’t all that hard. It just took a complete lifestyle change.  Now, instead of eating for fun I eat for nourishment (most of the time).  Instead of watching TV for entertainment, I exercise, or play with my daughter.  This change has really improved both of our lives.

Becoming  a father five years ago, has changed my life forever.  I now realize how important my actions are in modeling the behavior for others.  My daughter Arabella literally follows the leader, her Dad.  She brightens my day and gives me the feeling of content whenever she is around. She is a gift.

Being a coach is another gift that I truly cherish.  My clients trust me with their deepest and sometimes darkest challenges in both their business and their personal life. It’s my job to understand their goals, see the vision they want to create, and be their walking stick when the trail gets tough. I absolutely love encouraging clients to do things that stretch their comfort levels and get them closer to living their vision.  We as a team turn fear into motivation.
Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

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