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5 coping mechanisms you learned as a kid that make you a worse adult

5 Coping Mechanisms You Learned As A Kid That Make You A Worse Adult

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The people I love, will leave me.

That was the lesson I learned as a kid growing up through two divorces. I loved my dad, John. He left. I loved my adopted dad, Reid. He left. Now as an adult, I know that it wasn’t that simple. There were a lot of variables. But as an 11 year old, it was exactly that simple. Love was dangerous.

I coped with this by building walls. I learned that if I didn’t get too attached to anybody, I wouldn’t get hurt. So that’s what I did. Read More


Never forget people's names again

How To Become Great At Remembering People’s Names

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I was the worst. Two seconds after meeting somebody for the first time, I forgot their name. They could have been Mark, or Mike, or Mitch, or even Randall…I couldn’t tell you.

This was a problem. Especially for an entrepreneur/sales guy like I was at the time. I needed to connect with people, but greeting them with “hey you” didn’t exactly create connection. Read More